Unable to open quicken account in your mobile  

First, check your mobile app profile the set it and performed sync after that confirm your login on the mobile app verify your email address go to the mobile and click on the alerts tab, click on the edit profile to verify it then go to the quicken preferences connected services. At last if you not able to sign in then check that your mobile app is updated or not wait for few hours and try again it may be due to some temporary error, confirm that you have enough space or storage or not, check your internet, uninstall the data and download it again if you are still facing these issues contact Quicken Support  we have good team to resolve all your issues. 

Missing transaction in phone  

Check that you are using same quicken id, verify it signed your id to verify your id read the above step, after open your account you see the list of the data here you can select your data file on your system which you want to open in the mobile app. You have to sync on your computer data after doing this or adding it to your mobile app you have to sync them regularly to ensure the mobile app displays the up to date information or it prompts you to sync but you can also sync manually by going to the mobile and alerts and click sync now in the upper right. 

After all this syncing is complete, confirm there was no error that interfered with sync. If you facing issues regarding this then you may contact Quicken Customer Service they resolve your entire query and give a solution to your problem too.  

Not able to receive a verification code 

First, you have to check your email junk or spam folder if it is not sent then click on the send again verification code. if again it happens then check your email id it is correct not if make sure that you have given you correct id sometimes more than one account create confusion and you forgot your user id so if it that then simply go to the setting click on the email change setting change your email if from there and then again start process to send verification code or set your password from there. If you still facing any issues contact Quicken Customer Support they have the well-qualified team.